Best Razors for Women
The best razors for women with sensitive skin offer a way around the nicks, bumps, redness, and irritation common for many women after shaving. The best razor for you and your sensitive skin is the one that targets the particular problem you have with shaving.

Women with sensitive skin often have to shop around constantly for new razors and shaving creams, hoping to find one that doesn’t leave their skin red, rashy, itchy, or bleeding.

There are a number of razors recommended by other consumers; reading through consumer feedback on the best razors for women with sensitive skin may give you a better idea of what razor could work with your skin.

Shavers who experience razor bumps may not be using a sharp enough razor, whereas those with red skin might be reacting to a chemical on the razor, in their shaving products, or from their tap water. Nicks are often a result of too much or not enough glide across the skin.

Once you troubleshoot what is irritating your sensitive skin you should be able to pick a decent replacement razor from one of the best razors for women with sensitive skin.

Because shaving with sensitive skin can prove quite a challenge, we’ve put together a list of the 7 best razors for women with sensitive skin. Read below for more info.


Cartridge Razors

Women’s razors with changeable cartridges are very popular and seem to dominate the shaving market for women.

This means there are a wide variety of cartridge razors available, which is good news for women with sensitive skin trying to find the best razors for women that match their shaving needs.

Many cartridge razors are surrounded by moisturizing strips and bars to facilitate a gentler shave, a great option if you are experiencing frequent nicks and cut.

1. Schick Hydro Silk

The Schick Hydro Silk is a popular choice for women who want a smooth shave but frequently experience bumps and redness after shaving.

Consumers report the Hydro Silk glides easily over the skin and is not very bulky for a cartridge razor. It has five blades, meaning it should require fewer passes over the skin, and its serum strips are hypoallergenic.
Schick Hydro Silk Razor
These features may contribute to less irritation after shaving and may be why women who use it say it does not bother their skin like comparable razors from other brands.

2. Gillette Venus Divine Sensitive Razor

Gillette Venus Divine Sensitive Razor is a 3 blade cartridge made for sensitive skin. The moisture strips on this particular razor are made with botanical oils, which could reduce irritation for shavers who are sensitive to chemical ingredients.
Gillette Venus Divine Sensitive Razor
The head on the Venus Divine pivots to help reach hair in the curves like the knees. Reviewers claim this cartridge razor does not become slimy like other Venus razors, and they report it can be used to spot-shave legs or underarms without cream or gel.

Divine cartridges are interchangeable with other Venus razor handles.

3. Schick Intuition

A number of cartridge razors have moisturizer bars surrounding the bladehead. These soap bars are supposed to replace shaving cream and last about as long as the razor blade remains sharp.

The Schick Intuition razor may be the most popular of this razor type, and it is highly recommended by women who have sensitive skin.
Schick Intuition Razor

The moisturizer bar around the razor is made with aloe, shea butter, vitamin E, and cocoa butter to soften and moisturize skin as you shave. No cream or gel is needed with this razor as long as the razor and skin are kept wet during use.

The Intuition razor includes Schick’s Pure Nourishment line, which features bars made with coconut milk and almond oil to sooth the skin, and can be purchased in other sensitive skin formulas.


Basic Razors

Sometimes the moisturizing bars and serum strips on your razor can cause more harm than good when they are causing an allergic reaction. Too much moisturizer or oil can also clog pores, resulting in ingrown hairs. The best razors for women whose skin is reacting to a particular product may be a quality, basic razor.

A razor that stays sharp or is low-cost enough to dispose of often can help you head off razor bumps by always delivering a clean, smooth shave. The trick is to avoid poorly made disposables and find one that has sharp enough blades to get the job done without multiple passes to remove hair.

4. Dollar Shave Club

Quality razor blades delivered to your house for a reduced cost– that’s the marketing behind Dollar Shave Club. While they grew in popularity with male customers, Dollar Shave Club razors are highly recommended by women with sensitive skin who need a no-nonsense razor. Although they are technically cartridges, these razor blades are more likely to give you a basic but efficient shave than the cartridge razors above because they are very sharp and inexpensive enough to change out often. Women with sensitive skin advise others to purchase the higher end razors offered by Dollar Shave Club and say to use them with a cream or gel formulated for sensitive skin.

5. Bic Silky Touch

If you have sensitive skin, basic disposable razors may sound like the worst option available. But Bic Silky Touch are a great option for sensitive skin because they contain no irritating products on the razor head, which should come as a welcome relief to anyone allergic to the moisturizers on other razors.
Bic Silky Touch Razor
This is another razor consumers find cost effective to switch out often so the razor is always sharp. The two bladed razor head does not flex; to avoid nicks with a razor like this it is important to use a quality shaving cream that can buffer the skin against cuts.


Electric and Safety Razors

Some shavers have been through the whole range of razors only to find none works with their sensitive skin. If you haven’t tried them already, electric razors and safety razors may be an option for you. It can be hard to find good nickel-free disposable razors, but a number of electric razors are hypoallergenic and free of irritating nickel.

The benefit of a safety razor is it allows you avoid all the problems causing most skin irritations. Blades for these razors are very inexpensive, and so it might be a good way for you to experiment with different blades without wasting a ton of money. This is one of the only razors where you can take multiple passes to remove hair and it will not have an adverse effect on your skin.

6. Panasonic Close Curves Wet/Dry

The Panasonic Close Curves Wet/Dry is an electric razor ideal for sensitive skin because it is made with hypoallergenic, stainless steel blades. It can be used on leg and other body parts, like the bikini area. The wet/dry in its name means this shaver can be used in or out of the bath and shower.
Panasonic Close Curves Wet Dry Electic Razor
While pushing too hard can cause nicks and irritation, consumers report this razor cuts rather than rips out body hair. They experience fewer razor bumps with this razor as a result. Some women with sensitive skin say to go for a men’s electric razor instead because they tend to be more finely engineered and are easier on curves.

Either way, electric razors may be the best razors for women who are having trouble with creams bothering their skin since an electric shaver doesn’t require cream, soap, or gel.

7. Parker 29L Safety Razor

It may sound very old-fashioned, but the best razors for women with sensitive skin are safety razors. Safety razors are the bulky looking razors that take a double-edged razor blade and are used with lather made by cream and a shaving brush.

The safety razor, such as the Parker 29L, is one of the only kinds of razors that can help you avoid the dullness that causes razor bumps, irritation caused by chemicals, and nicks caused by improperly lubricated skin.
Parker 29L Safety Razor

The downside to the safety razor is that it takes a little time and practice to learn to use properly.

You will also need some tools, which are now marketed to women as much as they are men. It requires the razor, blades, a lather brush, lather cup, and a soap or cream. Many women prefer a soap puck made for safety razor shaving because it produces enough lather to cover the legs.

Parker 29L is a extra long-handled razor which is supposed to provide more control and reach for leg shaving.


A Few Other Thoughts on Razors

Before you toss out your razor and try to find the best razors for women with sensitive skin, you may want to consider other potential irritants keeping you from experiencing a great shave. Some women are allergic to the cream or gel they’ve been use, so if you are having issues with rashes and redness you might want to switch out the other products you use with your razor, too.

The same can apply to frequent nicks. If your cream or gel is not providing the right about of lubrication on your skin it can cause the razor to glide too quickly or not quickly enough, making your prone to cuts. Hard water is another cause of skin problems associated with shaving, so consider shaving with distilled water for a time to see if that improves your skin.

The key to finding the best razors for women that will work for you is to target the specific problem you are having with your skin or razor and find the razor that will help you avoid those issues.

Women having a problem with nicks and cuts should consider a moisturizing cartridge razor for a smoother shave, while women with razor bumps may need to find a better blade or more disposable razor so their shave remains sharp and efficient. Those who are allergic to products might need a very basic razor– even as basic as a safety razor– to avoid putting their skin in contact with rash-causing chemicals.

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