Best Safety Razor Blades For Sensitive Skin

If you are like many men, you deal with razor bumps and their effects every time you shave. Sensitive skin makes for a difficult shave, but purchasing the best safety razors for your skin can save you some pain and embarrassment (no more red bumps!).

To eliminate this issue, finding the right skin care and shaving tools is key. Different types of razor blades function differently, and each brand offers a variety of features. Selecting the best one that works for you can be tricky, and for many men, choosing the right blade can be a chore.

It’s important to remember no two blades are the same; it is all about finding the right blade for your skin, and that’s what this review will help you with. These are some of the best safety razor blades on the market today.


In addition to a great razor blade, those who have sensitive skin will want to use a high quality pre-shave oil, a good shaving cream, and the appropriate post-shaving product (like a soothing cream or gel).

Razor Blades

As for the blades, simply throwing any blade onto your safety razor and shaving is asking for trouble. Just switching your razor brand won’t solve your problem. You need to buy the correct blade for your skin type. And if you have sensitive skin, it is important to change your razor blade after every shave. This gives you a clean, close shave with no bumps.

If you haven’t already, this article should help convince you to ditch the cartridge razors and purchase a safety razor. This is the best thing you can do for your sensitive skin. Those who have switched from a 3, 4 or 5 blade cartridge razor to a double edged safety razor say they would never go back; these safety razors will save your skin!

A cartridge razor is designed with speed and efficiency in mind; they are manufactured with multiple blades to give you a close shave in just one pass. This is great for people who are in a hurry, and for those who don’t have sensitive skin.

Cartridge razors are simply the worst thing you can use if you have sensitive skin. The multiple blades are very harsh on the skin (as is the speed at which you shave when you use these blades) and can cause havoc; resulting in those irritating shaving bumps.

The multi-blade approach can cause irritation, razor burn and ingrown hairs in anyone with sensitive or acne-prone skin. If this is you, try switching to a double edged safety razor. You won’t look back.

Plus, switching to a safety razor will actually save you money in the long run: purchasing blades for a safety razor versus purchasing cartridge refills will actually save you around $200 a year!

Here are some of the best safety razor blades for your sensitive skin:

1) Gentlest on the skin:

The Bic Chrome Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades are a stainless steel double edge blade manufactured in Greece. Bic’s manufacturing process involves honing the blades with Teflon, Polymeric, and a chrome platinum covering.
Bic Chrome Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades

You know Bic’s reputation for shaving—they’ve been a top name in razors for years, and these razor blades do not disappoint. The Chrome Platinum Double Edge razor blades come in a 50-pack. They are designed to cut smoothly and comfortably and are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin because they are so gentle.

These are also sold at one of the best price points on the list; designed with solid materials and affordable, they are a great choice for anyone looking for a new safety razor blade.

2) Smoothest shave:

Personna Double Edge Razor Blades provides the smoothest shave around. Their double edge blades come in a 100-count pack, which is great if you hate shopping (makes stocking up easier). All 100 are individually wrapped to preserve their longevity.

Personna Double Edge Razor Blades

If you’ve never heard of Personna, rest assured they have an excellent reputation. They’ve actually been around for decades and sell very well online.

These razor blades are made of chrome steel and are designed to fit most of the popular double edge razors out today.

Personna’s blades are designed to give you one of the smoothest and closest shaves you could ask for. They are often referred to as ‘Crystal’ blades and they are perfect for those with sensitive skin.

3) Most durable:

The Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades are some of the most durable blades on the market. These also come in a 100-count pack, like the Personna’s, and are designed to fit most of the safety razors on the market today.

Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades
Derby razor blades are made in Sweden, and are coated with an industrial polymer for extra strength.

The Derby Extra Double Edge is a perfect razor blade for men with sensitive skin, but they aren’t great for those with heavy beards.

These durable blades provide you with an extremely smooth shave.

4) Best quality:

The Feather All Stainless Steel Safety Razor is expensive, but it is a quality piece. Built in Japan, this razor is very mild, which allows you to press lightly while shaving—while still getting a close shave. The less pressure, the less irritation. The Feather is very forgiving, which means fewer nicks.

Feather Razor Blades
The Feather is stainless steel, and it will never tarnish. And while the razor itself is high quality (and comes in a very nice presentation box), it is very expensive. Never fear, though! The replacement blades are not too expensive, and are designed to fit most double edge razors.

The Feather safety razor blades are also made in Japan, and are known for being some of the sharpest safety blades on the market. They give you a comfortable wet shave, and are perfect for sensitive skin.

5) Most popular with users:

Merkur’s Heavy Duty 38C safety razor is one of the most popular on the market. The Merkur 38C is a common razor that everyone loves.

Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

The Merkurs are manufactured in Germany, and are beautifully designed with a chrome finish. The razor has a curled handle that offers you a good grip, and it’s weighted nicely providing a pleasant shaving experience.

If you are just interested in their safety blades, they are sold in packs of 10, and will fit the majority of double edge safety razors on the market today. The Merkur double edge blades are stainless with platinum plated edges and are very sharp, so they provide you with a close shave with no irritation.

6) Best for new users:

The Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Safety Blades are perfect for new users. These are made in Russia, and are quite popular with new safety razor users. They are great for those with sensitive skin, too.


They come by the hundred (typically shipped in 5 packs of 20). Each blade is individually wrapped for protection and longevity. The Astra fits all double edge razors and are made from the finest steel. These provide you with a close shave that leaves your face feeling baby smooth!

Sharp Blades

Finally, no matter what type of safety razor blades you buy, it is important to shave with sharp blades. As stated earlier, if you have sensitive skin, it is suggested that you change your blade after every single shave for the best shave (and no irradiation).

Investing in sharp blades is essential, too. Sharp blades will slice through your facial hair without pulling or agitating your skin in any other way.

Buy the best safety razor blades for your skin and you’ll see a noticeable difference right away!

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