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Using the best safety razor for shaving is making a huge comeback. Guys are tired of razor bumps, redness, irritation, and ingrown hairs. These unwelcome side effects of a shaving routine are even worse when you’ve paid too much for disposable razors or cartridges. If you can’t find a moisture strip moisturizing enough or a multiple razor head with enough blades, you might be the next man to switch to the more traditional safety razors.

Finding the Best Safety Razor For You

Once you’re in the market for a safety razor, its easy to see how difficult finding the best safety razor can be. There are several top brands and many new brands coming out each year. Each boasts safety razors that offer the closest shave, the best control, the longest handle, or the surest grip. Some pride themselves in being perfect for beginners; others promote razors made specifically for a smooth shave only if you’ve been at safety razor shaving for a time.

Here is a list of the top 15 best safety razor reviews to help you figure out which safety razor features fit with your shaving needs. These are razors lauded by safety razor shavers for their ease of use, sleek design, baby smooth shave, or some combination of top features.

1. Merkur 33C

Best Safety Razor - Merkur 33CThe Mekrur 33C safety razor is a classic safety razor with an open comb designed to take on heavy beards when needed. Merkur razors are German-made and designed to give you a super close shave, which consumers report it does. It comes highly recommended for first-time safety razor shavers but is also the best safety razor overall. The Merkur 33C model is double bladed and made of stainless steel.



2. Edwin Jagger DE89 Classic Safety Razor

best-safety-razor-Edwin-Jagger-DE89The Edwin Jagger DE89 Classic Safety Razor is a double-edge razor with a smooth, straight guard. The handle on this model is smooth, without grips, and resembles a standard 20th century razor design for shavers who want a traditional look. It takes all common double razor blades. You can purchase this razor with a chrome-plated, black, or ivory handle. According to consumer feedback, the DE89 promises a shave free of irritation and redness in the hands of an experienced shaver.



3. Seki Edge Feather AS-D2

best safety razor - Seki Edge Feather AS-D2A lot of safety razor shavers are beginners since shaving with a safety razor is something of a lost art. Those new to safety razors may appreciate the light and gentle Seki Edge Feather AS-D2, which may not provide the cleanest first pass on heavier beards but certainly cuts down on cuts and nicks. This razor is a classic and while it may be too basic for some the Feather may be the best safety razor to start with. Its an ideal choice if you’re looking to avoid cuts and nicks.



4. Merkur Futur Adjustable Razor

Best Safety Razor - Merkur FuturFor anyone who wants a classic safety razor shave with an updated design, the Merkur Futur may be the best safety razor. The Futur is adjustable, featuring six settings so you can select the amount of control or speed as you shave. The varied settings makes this the best safety razor as you develop your shaving skills. The blade guard lifts off for blade changes and the handle is extra heavy for added control.



5. Edwin Jagger 3D Laser Diamond

best safety razor - Edwin Jagger 3D Laser DiamondAnother Edwin Jagger model, the 3D Laser Diamond features a chrome handle with a surer grip than some of the other razors from Jagger. Its head is heavier, too, meaning it is easier to let the razor itself do all the work with no temptation to push down for a clean shave. Like all other Jagger razors, it is made in England and may be the best safety razor to present as a gift since it comes in a presentation box and is usually sold with extra razor blades.



6. Parker 99R

best safety razor - Parker 99RThe Parker 99R is a heavier razor all the way around, according to shavers who use safety razors, and the handle especially has a little heft to it. This design makes it the best safety razor for men with larger hands or longer fingers so they can more easily maneuver the razor. The heavier handle may give someone beginning with safety razor shaving more control. Consumers report the butterfly head of this razor is very easy to use, making blade changing simple.



7. Muhle Open Comb R41

best safety razor - Muhle Open Comb R41Consumers report the Muhle Open Comb R41 is one of the easiest open comb razors to use. The design is simple: you unscrew the handle and pop on a new blade when it is time for replacement. This model is definitely on the lighter end of safety razors, and many shavers recommend using a Feather blade with it. Muhle offers a great warranty should the razor break. The Muhle Open Comb R41 is a decent choice for both beginners and experienced safety razor shavers.



8. Merkur 933 Travel

best safety razor - Merkur 933 TravelEvery committed safety razor shaver needs a decent travel razor along with a travel shave kit for a safety razor routine on the go. Merkur makes another appearance on the list with its 933 Travel Safety Razor, the best safety razor for travel. Still heavy enough to suit beginners and experienced shavers alike, the 933 collapses down into a couple slim parts. It easily packs away into the provided leather case. Just like its standard razors, Merkur gives this travel-size model a chrome plate. It takes any double blade razor so you can bring your favorite blade along with you as you travel.



9. Jack Black

best safety razor - Jack BlackThe Jack Black double-edge looks and, according to consumer feedback, feels different in the hand than comparable razors. This might be a good fit for shavers who are not quite satisfied with the more typical weight and feel of traditional safety razors. The head is compatible with any razor blade. Shavers consistently report a smooth shave with this brand and model, claiming they traded in their safety razor of another brand for the Jack Black.



10. Muhle R89

best safety razor - Muhle R89Muhle razors are classic and popular among safety razor shavers, and the Muhle R89 is one of their best safety razor models. It would rate higher on the list except the R89 reportedly takes a little getting used to. The open comb design on this razor makes it more suitable for the shaver with at least a little safety razor experience. The handle is made to be extra grippable and the head unscrews for blade replacement.



11. Weishi Gunmetal Butterfly

best safety razor - Weishi Gunmetal ButterflyA classic razor in a gunmetal finish, the Weishi butterfly is numbered among the top safety razors for beginning shavers. Many who use this model like it for its design, which is reminiscent of safety razors from the 1950s. Like the other twist-to-open razors here, this butterfly razor is a fan of shavers looking for easy blade changes.



12. Above the Tie Atlas S2

best safety razor - Above the Tie Atlas S2The key feature on the Above the Tie Atlas S2 razor is the easy way it pivots during shaving. The resin handle is another detail that sets the Above the Tie Atlas S2 apart from other safety razors. It is advertised as providing a very close shave and those who use it report this razor offers a smooth finish and an easy glide. The fact it moves so easy makes this Above the Tie’s model better for the advanced shaver than those just starting out.



13. Ikon ShaveCraft 101

best safety razor - Ikon ShaveCraft 101This iKon model is a little different than other safety razors because it features both a safety bar and an open comb design. This means it may be the best safety razor for those who want to move from a safer shave to a closer shave as they learn the art of safety razor shaving. The 101 also has interchangeable handles, so you can customize your handle selection at the time of purchase or change it out for a different grip down the road if needed.



14. Bluebeards’ Revenge Scimitar Double-Edge Razor

best safety razor - Bluebeards’ Revenge Scimitar Double-Edge RazorThe Bluebeards’ Revenge may just seem like a gimmick, but this razor is a legitimate favorite among many shavers. Consumers describe it as precise, an important feature if you’re looking to avoid nicks at the curves of your face. The skull and crossbones on this razors may be enough to sell the Bluebeard to a shaver desiring an edgier looking safety razor.



15. Van Der Hagen

best safety razor - Van Der HagenA list of the best safety razor reviews wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the Van Der Hagen. This is the best safety razor widely available at retail stores. It reportedly offers a close shave, only a few passes needed, without causing nicks and cuts. Many reviews mention the quality of the razor blades that come with the Van Der Hagen; if you go with this razor, you may want to include a sample pack of blades so you can find the one that works best with the Van Der Hagen safety razor.



Regardless of the reason you are in the market for a safety razor, you should be able to find one that fits your needs. Most quality safety razors offer a smooth, close shave and also require a little experience for a shave to become optimally efficient. Whether you want a smooth handle or one with a grip, a heavy or lightweight razor head, a safety bar, an open comb, an extra long handle, a butterfly open, a classic or a contemporary look, there is a safety razor on the market that’s right for you.

Final Thoughts

The right razor is only part of a great shave. To avoid skincare issues like razor bumps and irritation, even with the best safety razor, you should find out which blades work best with your razor model. A good shaving soap and the right brush are also essential for an optimal safety razor shave.

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