Remove Razor Bumps on Neck
One of the most annoying areas for men to experience razor bumps is to have razor bumps on neck. For men who suffer consistently, they make it their mission to remove razor bumps on neck because nothing can be more irritating and annoying.

Some guys unfortunately have to suffer from razor bumps almost on a daily basis. There are many causes these razor bumps and learning about them is a great step to preventing them.

On the positive side though, there are a lot of home and natural remedies that you can employ to avoid these irritating ass razor bumps on neck. Let’s get right into it.


Remove Razor Bumps on Neck with These 7 Tips [and a bonus tip]


1. Aspirin

Aspirin can help you to keep the pain of the razor burns away very effectively. It can also help to reduce the redness and keep the irritation at a minimum.

Put two aspirin pills into a spoon of water and let it rest for some time until the tablets have completely dissolved. Once the mixture has turned into a paste, apply it directly onto the effected area of your neck.

2. Milk and Cucumber Mask

Razor bumps are normally very painful when touched or even rubbed against.

Cucumber and milk can be used to soothe this pain out. Create a mixture paste of pureed cucumber and milk and apply to the effected area of your neck with the razor bumps.

Let sit for a few minutes. Once the paste is nearly dry, rinse off the paste of milk and pureed cucumber.

Repeat this regime a few times within the week.

3. Aloe Vera

There are a variety of aloe vera gels available on the market. Aloe vera gels soothes itching and also reduces the redness. Apart from the locally available aloe vera gels, you can also purchase an aloe vera plant.

If you do have or decide to purchase an aloe vera plant simply snap one of the leaves off, at the base, squeeze from the open end to extract the aloe vera juice and apply to the effected area of your neck.

Rather than discarding the leaf that you removed, simply store it in the refrigerator which should continue to keep it fresh for about a week so you can reuse.

4. Baking Soda to minimize the Burn

Baking soda has been one of the oldest home remedies used against itching and skin irritation caused by razor bumps.

Baking soda, along with reducing redness and itching, also helps soothes the skin.

5. Sugar Scrub with Coconut Oil

Mixing coconut oil with sugar can enhance its effectiveness quite drastically as an exfoliating scrub.

Just apply a thin mixture on your neck and then wash it off after about 10 or 15 minutes.

This scrub will exfoliate the skin as well as help smoothen it.

6. Tea Tree Oil

You can use tea tree oil and apply it directly to your neck or even mix it with a lotion or moisturizer.

The tea tree oil helps to reduce razor bumps and rashes that usually result after a bad shave.

7. Strawberry paste for after-shave relief

Mashed strawberries are extremely good for inflamed and itching skin caused by razor bumps.

The process is also really simple. Get half a cup of strawberries, mash them into a paste and add some milk to get it into a thick and pasty mixture.

After preparing the paste apply it to the neck area for a few minutes and rinse the area off slowly.


8. Oatmeal and Yogurt

Mix a cup of oatmeal with a half cup of yogurt, and then add a few drops of honey, though the honey is optional.

Stir this mixture thoroughly and apply to your neck where razor bumps are present.

These are some of the basic home remedies to help prevent and remove razor bumps on neck. These remedies have some very basic ingredients that are readily available in any house and kitchen.

For those of you who have just stumbled upon this article but haven’t really experienced razor bumps and burns, trust me when I say that they can be quite painful.

This makes personal grooming maintenance the utmost of importance when trying to remove and keep razor bumps on neck away.

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