How To Get Rid of an Ingrown Hair
Ingrown hairs are the absolute worst and many men, who want to know how to get rid of an ingrown hair, experience them due to the frequent shaving of their face that they do. This pesky problem can also occur after waxing or laser treatment. Basically what happens is that a hair will curl around and actually grow back into the skin, into the hair follicle. The result is a very red and irritated area that can be bumpy and unpleasant.

Most guys want to make sure that their skin remains soft and smooth even with frequent shaving and facial hair growth. There are a number of really effective ways that you can prevent ingrown hairs and you can also easily treat an ingrown hair from home without having to seek outside help (which can be pretty embarrassing for an issue such as this).

How To Get an Ingrown Hair Out Guide

Let’s read on to find out more about ingrown hairs, what causes them, what we can do to prevent them and ultimately, what to do when one creeps up anyway despite our best efforts to prevent them.

Who Gets Ingrown Hairs?

Both men and women can get ingrown hairs and they can occur just about anywhere on the body where hair is present. More commonly, people with curly hair or more coarse hair are far more apt to develop an ingrown hair but if the environment is right, an ingrown hair will pop up at any time. Anyone can get an ingrown hair and really, nobody is safe. Men in general tend to get more ingrown hairs than women and this is usually because their hair is much more coarse than a woman’s is. That coarseness equates to harder to deal with hair and follicles.

Preventing Ingrown Hairs

Some people are prone to developing ingrown hairs on their face where they shave while others get them on their legs or pubic area. If you know there is a spot on your body where you tend to develop an ingrown hair, then you can take appropriate steps to ensure that you prevent an ingrown hair whenever possible. Always be sure to use really gentle skincare products on these areas of the body. You want to make sure that you avoid anything that will over dry the skin or make the skin feel really tight after it dries. Dry skin basically translates to irritated skin and this can not only set the perfect environment for an ingrown hair to grow but it also can really irritate an ingrown hair, making it harder to treat and harder to deal with.

Preparing Your Skin For Shaving

The best time to shave your face or any other part of your body is after you have showered. This goes against what many people practice, because most people like to shave and then shower afterwards to clean themselves. Shaving after you shower allows for the heat and the steam of the shower to penetrate your skin and pores, opening everything up and making the skin softer. You will not only be able to prevent an ingrown hair from occurring but you will also get a closer shave and smoother skin this way. While you shower you might also want to consider exfoliating. This will remove dead skin cells before you come along with a razor. Less dead skin cells on the surface of your skin means there is less of a chance that you will break out or develop an ingrown hair.

Consider How You Remove Hair

It is more common to get an ingrown hair when you wax or tweeze hair off of your body. When you pull a hair out of its follicle completely, this can cause the hair to grow back in a different direction. Also, the hair needs to begin growth again which can be irritating and it has to push itself back through the skin in order to reach the surface. If it cannot easily do so, then this results in a clogged hair follicle, or ingrown hair. This doesn’t mean you cannot use these methods of hair removal in order to make yourself more attractive, but you should make sure you take appropriate steps to make sure you are using a specific technique properly. If your most common method of hair removal is shaving, make sure that you shave with the grain rather than against the grain. This helps keep hair growing in the proper direction and minimizes problems from occurring.

Treating An Ingrown Hair

Despite all your best efforts you have still developed an ingrown hair. Don’t worry, there are some steps you can take to quickly get rid of your ingrown hair so you aren’t dealing with the irritation and embarrassment anymore. The first thing you will want to do is to stop shaving or waxing that area of your body. Basically, you want to let the hair grow in a little bit. This can sometimes be enough to let the ingrown hair take care of itself but if this isn’t a quick enough fix, you can use a pair of tweezers to guide the hair back out of the follicle. Many people think you want to remove the hair completely but you actually just want to guide the end of the hair out so that it can grow in a more normal direction and your skin can heal. If you cannot get the hair to come out on its own or with a pair of tweezers don’t worry, just give the hair a few more days to grow a little longer before trying the process again for a second time. The worst thing you can do is to continue picking at the hair, breaking the skin and irritating everything that much worse.

Soothing The Skin From An Ingrown Hair

Once you have taken care of the ingrown hair itself, your skin will likely be very irritated. This can appear as red, bumpy or inflamed skin. One of the most natural and effective ways that you can soothe red or bumpy skin is by applying plain old aloe vera gel to the area. If you need something a bit more effective and more strong, you can use over the counter hydrocortisone cream which reduces redness but it also reduces inflammation. Also, continue to exfoliate as normal. This will whisk away any dead skin cells, which helps promote growth of newer and much more healthy skin cells. You will want to pick a highly recommended and high quality exfoliating product that you can use a few times a week in order to get the job done. Ultimately, a product is more preferred. If you decide to start scrubbing away at your face manually, with a washcloth or brush, this will just cause more irritation and more red skin.

How Long Should It Take To Get Rid Of An Ingrown Hair?

From the moment you notice your ingrown hair and you begin treating it properly, it can take approximately three to four days before you will see full improvement from the issue. If you were not yet able to remove the hair on your own, it might take a few extra days to fully rectify the situation, especially if you are just waiting for the hair to grow on its own. Ultimately, if you have gone about one full week without any improvement, or the area is just getting worse or looks infected, you may want to contact a dermatologist. They can help you take care of the problem of your ingrown hair and also, they can ensure that you are employing a healthy and effective skin care routine that will help prevent and treat ingrown hairs in the future. A skin care professional can also help set you up with some additional products that can be used in the future if you have another ingrown hair. That way you can save yourself the co-pay and visit to the doctor if this is a recurring problem.

Moisturize Your Skin Regularly

This is a habit you should get into whether you currently have an ingrown hair or not. Most men don’t want to get into using products on a regular basis and many men don’t think that they need products for their skin because it does not feel dry or irritated. An oil free moisturizer can simply keep the skin healthy and looking its best. This in turn will help to minimize the risk of developing an ingrown hair or other skin issues in the future. There are a number of different products on the market which makes it really easy to find one that will work with your specific skin type. It can sometimes take some trial and error but its wise to pick a high quality product that you can start using on a daily basis.

Final Thoughts

Ingrown hairs can occur just about anywhere on the body where you have hair. It can be on your face where you shave, it can be on your leg, your pubic hair, your armpit hair and so on. You also don’t have to necessarily shave the area in order to get an ingrown hair. These pesky bumps can appear on their own and without any real warning. The best thing you can do, when learning how to get rid of an ingrown hair, is to take care of your skin properly and shave properly so you minimize your risk of dealing with ingrown hairs. While in the middle of determining how to get rid of an ingrown hair and treating your ingrown hair, be sure to drink plenty of water and minimize your sun exposure. The sun can further irritate your skin and make your skin look worse before you have given it a chance to fully heal on its own.


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