Man Shaving His Face With a Single Blade Razor

A Close Shave

You are unique and so is your hair. You don’t want a razor that is sold by the millions from a drugstore. You want a razor that will give you a clean shave without cutting below the skin and causing those razor bumps.

Those bumps cause your skin to become rough. Then, you might be a candidate for a single blade razor or a safety razor. A single blade razor glides along the skin and reduces injuries to the skin. No more razor bumps.

What is a single blade razor?

Safety razors or single blade razors are usually made from metal. They are heavier and give you more control over your shave. They also do not wear out so that they last a lot longer. Shaving with a single blade razor use to be an art form dating back hundreds of years.

Think back to the days of barber shops and the strap that was used to hone the blade. That art form is making a reoccurrence as men are becoming dissatisfied with rough, bumpy skin. They are arming themselves with the best of the lathers, blades and after-shave lotions available on the market.

They want a clean shaven look without any problems.

What is the difference between a cartridge and a single blade?

The cartridge system of razor blades has advertisements that inform you that they are using the latest in technology. They have movie and star stars telling you that this is the only “manly” way to shave. After all, they have all the new designs and the multi-blade cutting action of these brands.

What they forget to tell you is that these multi-blades are close together.

There is little space between the blades so that multiple swipes with the blades are required to give you a clean shave. These multiple passes also pull out long stubble and causing the razor to clog. A single blade runs along your face at a comfortable angle and cuts the hair without grabbing or pulling. Since there is only one blade, it doesn’t clog. You can find different types of blades available for almost every type of skin.

What are the different types of razor blades?

There are several factors that go into how aggressive a razor is; gap between the blade, how much blade is exposed and the cutting angle.

  1. Mild – This model has a head that is designed to limit the amount of force to the blade’s edge. These razors cause less irritation and nicks. Men with sensitive skin or light texture facial hair find these the most comfortable.
  2. Medium – These razors show a reasonable amount of razor blade. Medium aggressive razors allow the razor to cut efficiently with one passing and cause little irritation. These razors are the most popular ones on the market. If you shave in the shower or are a beginner single edge shaver, then you should start with these types. This allows you to become accustomed to using the razor and then you have a starting point for experimenting with other types of razors. Razors of the medium aggressive brand are good for tough beards without being rough on your skin.
  3. Aggressive – The model of razor allows more hair to enter between the razor’s edge and the safety bar. These razors can be harsher on your skin because more of the blade is exposed. Men with really thick beard or who have to do multiple passes with their razor might enjoy this brand.

You may need different razors depending upon how much growth you have had over a weekend or a night and how close a shave you want. You have other choices to make regarding soap or lather, after-shave and pre-shave lotions that will also affect your shave.

What other equipment do I need?

Besides the razor and the blades, there is really not a lot of equipment needed.

A good shaving brush is number one on everyone’s list of accessories. A shaving brush hydrates the shaving cream into a good lather. Using a brush helps the lather get under each whisker. Brushes are made from either boar or badger hair. Boar bristles hold less water and are stiff. If you are able, splurge on a badger hair brush. They create more lather and feel better on your skin.

If you have been using a can of shaving cream, you probably smell like a hospital and your skin is rough. Shave creams are now made of natural ingredients that nourish your face and make you feel “manly.” They may be more expensive but you only need a dab to completely shave your face.

After you finish shaving, you may want to administer an after-shave lotion to your face to keep it tender.

What are the correct steps to get the best shave?

  • Prep your face- If you want a close shave then you should soften your whiskers to make shaving easier and cause less irritation. The best time is immediately after your shower while your skin is still hydrated and your whiskers will be softer. If you can’t shave then, then wet your face with hot water or a hot towel to hydrate it.
  • Lather – Take a small drop of lather or soap (about the size of a nickel) and put it in a shaving mug. Now, take your pre-soaked brush and whip it into a rich, creamy lather. Apply the lather in a swirling motion to your face.
  • Shave- Using as little pressure as possible, angle the blade away from your face. You should shave with the grain. This is a reduction shave, not a beard removal shave. The weight of the blade is enough to cut through your beard. If you are having trouble with not applying pressure, then hold the razor by the tip of the handle. The proper angle is somewhere between 30-45 degrees. The top of the razor should be against your skin and the handle parallel to the floor. Now, lower the handle until the razor can cut through your whiskers. If you go against the grain of your skin, you might get a clean, smooth shave but you stand the chance of getting nicks. By using the reduction method, you will not have skin irritations. You will probably have to do more than one pass to remove the entire beard that you want.
  • After-shave- Rinse your face with cold water to close your pores. Apply an after-shave lotion to make your look healthy and clear up any irritations.

Are there any tips from razor users?

One tip from users of single blade razors is to hold the skin taut between passes and to rinse the blade often to get rid of the small pieces of hair that get stuck.

Potassium alum in the form of an alum block can treat small nicks and cuts. The alum will stop any bleeding that might occur from a cut and help clear problem areas from acne.

Single blade razors do not cause ingrown hairs making it almost impossible for bacteria to grow in any nick or cut.

How can single blade razors change my life?

Proponents of the single blade razor insist that you can improve your health, help the environment, save money and boost your ego all at the same time just by shaving.

  • Men usually switch to a single blade to attain healthier skin. Without razor burns, nicks or bumps, you are giving your face the extra attention it needs to keep that healthy glow about it.
  • Cans of shaving cream don’t contain natural ingredients and may cause skin irritations. The natural shaving creams contain a moisturizer that will heal your skin as you shave.
  • You can save money. With the added cost of advertisements and star athletes, the disposable razor can cost over $3.00 per razor. After the initial cost of supplies, a single blade will cost about a quarter per use. You can save over $150 per year. Just imagine what you can do with the added money in your wallet.
  • You will be reducing your environmental impact on the Earth. The only waste that is incurred in the lather that ends up down the drain. Even that is environmentally safe because it is just soap. The blade can be recycled to further reduce refuse.
  • You can improve your wellbeing. When you look better, to yourself, you tend to feel better about things. If you start the day with a clean shave, you feel more confident, clean and professional. You start the day more awake and more energetic.
  • Shaving can be a fun activity bringing back memories of your grandfathers staring in the bathroom mirror. It also feels good to your face; lathering your face with a badger haired brush, the swirling motion on your cheeks and the splash of after-shave.

Men strive for a perfect shave every morning and most of them miss. Shaving has become a lost art. It is not passed down for father to son. Shaving has become a routine chore to suffer through using electric or disposable razors. Now, with men paying closer attention to their appearance, the art form is making a come-back.

The feel of a hot towel or warm water on your face relaxes the muscles and opens the pores. This helps reduces skin irritation and small nicks on your face.

The cold water after you shave, which closes the pores, allows the after-shave lotion the ability to soothe your face and calms any razor burns. You should take the extra 5 minutes and re-learn the techniques used by your grandfathers. Take slow, careful strokes with the grain of your whiskers without pressing down.

Let the razor do the work, not you.

With other shaving systems, you are creating a “too close” shave which starts a vicious cycle. Multiple blades that are close to the skin, you are creating that burning sensation, the skin becomes less smooth and therefore open to more nicks. The single blade system does none of these if you take it slowly.

If you want to see and touch the finished product before you change, then visit a local barbershop. Not a retail chain salon, but an old-fashioned barbershop with the striped pole. Get a shave and discuss what products to use with the barber. Compare the two shaves and determine which shave is better.

There is nothing more relaxing than a nice warm towel on your face and friendly banter with the barber. It’s a great way to start your day.

Look as if you own the world.


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