Top 15 Best Straight Razor Reviews For Men
The best straight razor for men is one that eliminates many of the shaving issues that men must cope with. Razor bumps are very painful for the men that must cope with them, and are often somewhat unsightly.

Good, high-quality razors help overcome this issue, and also give men who use them a much closer shave.

Each of these straight razors on our list will be worth looking into if you need a better shave.

1. Thiers-Issard 5/8″ Straight Razor

Thiers-Issard 5/8" Straight Razor
One of the biggest advantages of the Thier-Issard 5/8″ straight razor is its ability to fit within most budgets while providing a superior shave.

The manufacturer is one of the most well-known ones in the industry, and it features quality French craftsmanship. When you buy oner of these razors, you’ll enjoy the unique black etching on the Carbon steel blade.

The blade is very durable and will give you that feeling of a perfectly clean shave.

Enjoy the included calfskin pouch for easy storage.


2. Razolution by Simba Tec

Razolution by Simba Tec
The Razolution razor by Simba Tec boasts maximum portability and a great design that will give you assurance of a quality shave.

A carbon steel blade makes it easy for you to get started immediately after getting it out of the box. Even though the price is one that is reasonable for any budget, the razor still offers many of the features of a premium product.

You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your razor will stand the test of time with its creation by one of the leaders in the world of shaving products.


3. GB Buckingham and Sons American Straight Razor

GB Buckingham and Sons American Straight Razor
When you buy these GB Buckingham and Sons razors by Dovo, you’ll have the full assurance of a lifetime warranty that is seldom found with any grooming product.

Specialty steel helps give the blade the sharpness it needs, perfect for shaving enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

There is another feature that is very attractive, namely the fact that this razor is part of a nice kit.

The strop does a nice job of sharpening, and the kit comes with many other great accessories. If you should decide to buy this razor as a gift, the accessories included in the kit will make it that much nicer.


4. Shave Ready Carbon Steel Straight Razor

Shave Ready Carbon Steel Straight Razor
Any consideration of the best straight razor option should include the Shave Ready Carbon Steel Straight Razor by WSP, which is one of the leading razor manufacturers around today.

Its carbon steel blade is one of the most durable in the industry, and designed to withstand a lot of use over the course of many years.

You’ll get premium quality when you buy and count yourself among men with the highest standards in shaving products.

Another eye-catching feature is the handle, which perfectly suits men with sophisticated tastes in grooming products. When you’re considering the best straight razor, you’ll want to make sure this option ranks high on your list.


5. Forestal Straight Razor by Dovo

Forestal Straight Razor by Dovo
Dovo has made razors, like the Forestal Straight Razor, that suit the needs of serious shaving enthusiasts for decades, and men who are straight razor enthusiasts associate the name with high quality.

If you’re looking for something that goes above and beyond, this razor has the right elements that you need for that ideal experience.

Sharpness, ease of use, and overall performance are some of the ways in which this razor excels.

A wooden handle provides a better grip, and the blade is compact enough to easily store, helping it stand out among the best straight razor products on the market.


6. Timor Ebony Wood Straight Razor

Timor Ebony Wood Straight Razor
If you’e looking for a razor that combines the best blade technology with a classic look, this Timor Ebony Wood straight razor is one to consider that is likely to fit within a budget for gift-giving or personal use.

The carbon blade is completely free of stainless steel, giving it a better overall edge, and features an open design for a superior cut.

Etching on the blade and a fine ebony wood handle complete the attractive look that will give you the feeling of owning an upscale product.

This razor comes in an attractive black paper box that is quite attractive for storage, as well as presenting as a gift.


7. Fromm Straight Razor

Fromm Straight Razor
The Fromm straight razor features the fine German construction that men prefer, with one of the best blades and finishes around.

It is crafted in Solingen, which is a popular manufacturing area for many of the razors that shave enthusiasts enjoy.

The razor is gift-quality, likely to please any recipient, and perfect for newfound straight razor shaving enthusiasts.

It is also a good solution for those who want to try out one of the best straight razor options to see how they like the experience, without spending a lot of money.


8. Boker Silver Steel Razor

Boker Silver Steel Razor
One of the top features of the Boker Silver Steel straight razor is the fact that it is manufactured in Solingen, an area of Germany known for its quality steel.

It features fine handcrafting that is very seldom found in the industry today, offering a better quality product.

The tortoiseshell handle gives it a high-class look that will especially impress anyone who receives it as a gift.

A carbon steel blade provides the accuracy in shaving that you need, ensuring that your face always has a neat, well-groomed appearance.


9. Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor
Many guys enjoy the accuracy that comes with a straight razor, but are concerned about maintenance, such as honing the razor and protecting it from moisture.

The Feather Japanese straight razor offers a user-friendly solution that includes fine Japanese quality, giving you the advantage of a close shave and easy use.

The open design features replaceable blades that still give you the quality you’re looking for, without the hassles of stropping, at a price that is very reasonable for the high quality.


10. Gold Dollar 208 Straight Razor

Gold Dollar 208 Straight Razor
If you like to buy American-made whenever possible or want to see how they compare to German or Japanese blades, this Gold Dollar 208 straight razor is a great option to consider.

A square point and allow grind are perfect for men who need to shave in tighter areas that are commonly missed.

Another thing that makes it one of the best straight razor options is its carbon steel alloy blade that ultra durable.

Another nice treat you’ll enjoy as part of having this razor is the fact that a dedicated crafter makes every razor, assuring you of personalized care.


11. Baxter Blue Steel Straight Razor

Baxter Blue Steel Straight Razor
Another great American-made option is from Baxter, a company that enjoys a fine reputation among shaving enthusiasts.

Each razor features quality craftsmanship at the company’s Michigan facility, and each of the artisans etches their initials on the blade.

A blue steel blade offers the precision shave you’re looking for, and the handle is an attractive black matte.

You’ll enjoy the beauty of this simple design, as well as the obvious care that goes into the making of each one.


12. Harner Wedge Ground Razor

Harner Wedge Ground Razor
One of the things that many shaving enthusiasts enjoy about the Harner Wedge Ground straight razor is that the designer himself makes the razors, putting his unique touches on each of the products.

Everything is made in a convenient studio in Pennsylvania that has a kiln for precision heat treating.

Although the wedge design requires more maintenance than some, the overall quality is worth it, and few men consider this a problem.

Another advantage of these razors is that they arrive already honed for your greater convenience, allowing you to start using yours right away.


13. Dovo “Diamant” Straight Razor

Dovo "Diamant" Straight Razor
If you’re in the market for a razor that is a true piece of art and are willing to spend premium prices, the Dovo “Diamant” Straight Razor may well be the best straight razor for you.

These beautiful razors stand out because of their Olivewood handle, with a look that greatly resembles tree bark.

The cool black carbon steel blade is very definitely easy on the eyes.

You’ll enjoy the close shave that comes with these high-quality razors, as well as the artistry that goes into them and makes them rank among the best straight razor choices.


14. Boker King Cutter Black Handle

Boker King Cutter Black Handle
If you’re on the watch for a straight razor that will let you stay within a careful budget, this Boker King Cutter Black Handle option is one to keep your eye on.

Many prefer a closer shave, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a straight razor if they are unfamiliar with them.

You’ll find that this razor provides a perfect transition between your electric or disposable razor and a high-end option.

The handle is made from manufactured wood that will stand up to every demand beautifully.

Its blade is a special alloy, and pre-honed for your greater convenience.


15. Parker SR1 Straight Razor

Parker SR1 Straight Razor
Simplicity is what many guys want when they first introduce themselves to straight razors.

The Parker 21 straight razor combines the high quality that you are looking for with serious ease of use that makes it among one of the best straight razor options for young men who have just begun shaving.

It features disposable blades, saving you time otherwise spent honing and stropping.

However, the razor features the cutthroat quality favored in barbershops, making it a great bargain option.


Final Thoughts

When you’re in the market for a quality straight razor, you will never find yourself running out of excellent options.

From simple razors perfect for newcomers to shaving to handcrafted high-end razors, there are no limits to the possibilities for what you are looking for in a razor.

Any of the top options are also great gifts, which will help give you plenty of ideas the next time you need to buy a gift for the man in your life.

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